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Seven Tips for an Unforgettable Day at SVB


#1 Be Sun Smart

Sunscreen: Generously apply water-resistant sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15 periodically throughout your day. Experts say that sunscreen should be applied so generously that it doesn’t disappear into the skin. Remember: sunscreen is not fully effective until 30 minutes after it is applied.

Forgot for your sunscreen? No problem! Spring Valley provides free sunscreen for your safety, please visit any Spring Valley Beach concession stand for free sunscreen.

Sunglasses: Wear your shades! Research shows most people do not wear sunglasses during extended sun exposure, which can result in damage to the cornea, lens, and retina.

#2 Stay Hydrated

On a hot summer day, nothing is better for your body than drinking plenty of water. About 65% of your body is water and the body uses it to keep hydrated and healthy. Pick up water or other cold drinks at one of our snack shops.

#3 Set Clear Expectations for Children

Talk to children the night before or on the car ride to Spring Valley Beach about how you would like them to behave at the park. Conversations about waiting patiently in line, staying close to family members, and at what time you are planning to leave the park are ideal to have before you enter the park. When children have a clear understanding of how you want them to behave in public, everyone has a better time. In addition, Spring Valley Beach recommends that you set a special meeting place for your family in case one member gets “misplaced” in your group.

#4 Take Care of Tots

If one of your children is a beginning swimmer or is not confident in the water, be sure to equip him or her with a lifejacket for your child’s safety. Remember to bring plenty of swim diapers for young children who are not yet potty-trained. This keeps children comfortable, happy and our pools clean. Swim diapers are also available for purchase in our gift shop.

#5 Don’t Fret Over Your Valuable Items

Rent a small locker to stow your phone, wallet, and other valuables while you enjoy your day at Spring Valley Beach.  To reserve a locker, it requires a $10 deposit and you get $5 back when you turn in the key.

#6 Family Check List

Everyone’s needs are different, but common items to bring include towels, sunscreen, life jackets , outside food, coolers, or money for food and treats. Free parking is available just outside the park. If you prefer to park inside by the pool area, it is a $10 per day. You are welcome to use the grassy areas for picnics. If you prefer a picnic table/gazebo, those are available in advance for a $25 fee. Guests are allowed to temporarily leave and re-enter on the same day.

#7 Buzz Alert

One of the many great things about our park is that we are in the middle of nature, and we love it that way.  “Bee” aware that we do have honey bees around the park, they are not invasive but many people would prefer to know ahead of time.  A great tip would be to keep food and drinks covered, and to watch where you step and sit.  The bees are not aggressive.

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