Spring Valley Beach is committed to being a safe, family friendly park; therefore, the following are policies that must be adhered to by all park guests. Spring Valley Beach reserves the right to escort any unruly guests off premises without a refund or rain check.

#1 No Alcohol Allowed

Our park is an alcohol free environment, and alcohol will not be permitted on any Spring Valley Beach property.

#2 Dress Code

Guests may wear swimsuits, swimming trunks, and T-shirts on rides permitting that they do not have any exposed rivets, buckles, or metal of any kind. In addition, no thong bathing suits are permitted.

#3 Swimsuits

Traditional swimwear is required at Spring Valley Beach. Children in diapers and those being toilet trained must wear approved swim diapers in the water. This is a family friendly park, thus no provocative clothing or thong swimsuits, clothing with rivets, buckles, belts or metal ornaments. No long pants or cut-off shorts. No oversized or baggy clothing that cannot remain at or above the waistline without support. Failure to comply with any part of the dress code may result in ejection from the park without refund. Spring Valley Beach has several high-impact rides and is not responsible for damaged or torn swimsuits.

#4 Obey All Signage

Read, understand, and obey all posted signage. Please direct any concerns or questions about signage to the nearest Spring Valley Beach employee.

#5 Medical Conditions

Pregnant women, and guests with back, neck, and heart conditions, or any other medical conditions, should not go on the rides at Spring Valley Beach. However, they can enjoy our swimming pool, kiddie pool, and picnic areas if allowed by their physician. In addition, there is an increased risk for injury on rides for those who are excessively disproportionate in weight and height.

#6 No Diving!

For your safety, no diving is allowed in any area of the park.

#7 No Radios

So that everyone enjoys their day to the fullest, radios or stereos of any kind are not allowed in the gazebos or pavilions.

#8 Lost Children/Parents

If a guest becomes lost from their group, they need to report to the Lifeguard Office for assistance. Please tell all members of your party that this will be the meeting place if a member becomes lost. The office is at the end of the concession building.

#9 Pets

Pets are not permitted inside Spring Valley Beach with exception of assistance pets, such as a Seeing Eye dog. Park Security should be notified upon arrival to handle a guest’s request to enter the park with an assistance pet.

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